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Cause & Effect

This page updated:  5/25/2020

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

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The Goal:  


You will learn about one of the coolest graphic organizers out there!  This graphic orgainzer is used by students and business people to solve problems of all kinds.


1.  Make a copy of the printables.  The video will explain the diagram.

2.  You can create a fishbone diagram by hand, or use this template I built.  I will use the template in the video.

3.  Practice using a fishbone diagram with a cause/effect relationship.  Do easy ones at first.

4.  When you understand how a fishbone diagram works, go on to the Brainstorming lesson.  Remember, we are not going to write a final draft for this type of paragraph, but we are going to practice using the fishbone, and other graphic organizers to get comfortable with cause/effect types. 

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