This page updated:  10/20/2021

Purpose & Audience Basics

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What is your purpose?  Who are you writing for?


The Goal:

In this lesson you will learn about a writer's purpose and audience.  The purpose and audience of writing helps the writer clarify what kind of details should be included in the writing.  You will review each term and the step-by-step tasks that happen when you are identifying purpose and audience.  


  1. Please make a copy of printables in the upper right corner.  You may want to print this document off and put with your other class documents. 

  2. Watch the video on the basics of purpose and audience.  

  3. In each video, there are questions for you to discuss. 

  4. Pause and discuss these questions with a parent or writing coach.

  5. You will be choosing a purpose and audience in your next writing assignment, so be sure you can identify all the terms discussed here.