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Compare & Contrast

Review Opening & Closing Hooks


The Goal: 


Let's review how to grab the reader's attention and hold it all the way to the end.  Remember, to do this, an author will use opening and closing hooks at the beginning and end of the paragraph.  


An opening hook is a statement that grabs the reader's attention and a closing hook brings the reader "full circle" to complete their understanding of your idea.   Be sure to watch and read the information below to help you remember.   


  1. Print out the printables if you haven't already done so.  Add them to your binder or folder when you are done reviewing.

  2. Use the printables to review as you watch the videos.  Remember, the videos will pause and clarify ideas for you.

  3. The printables have great suggestions for opening and closing hooks.  Refer to them as you prepare for this new writing piece.

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Opening Hooks

Closing Hooks