This page updated:  11/19/2020


Compare & Contrast

Review:  Purpose & Audience


The Goal:

In this lesson you will revisit a writer's purpose and audience.  The purpose and audience of writing gives the author a clear direction for writing.  ​As before, we will practice these tasks in an activity below.


1.  Print out the word list and printables if you have not already.  Use the printables to help you review.   

2.  As you follow along with the video, refer to your word list and printables to make sure you understand the concepts.  Remember, the video stops in places and clarifies ideas for you.  There is narration during the pauses if you want the text read to you.

3.  You will be asked to identify a purpose for this new writing, so be ready!

4.  When you think you have reviewed enough, use the printables and word list to practice below.

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