Sentence Parts

This page updated:  10/22/2020

Sentence Parts: Conjunctions


Now that we know what parts make up a typical paragraph, and we've seen examples of topic sentences, supporting detail, and conclusion sentences, let's explore making those sentences even better. 

The Goal:

Just like paragraphs have "parts", so do sentences.  The Lego kit analogy still works even though we are digging deeper into the topic.


In this lesson, you will learn about the small "Lego brick" connector-words that make a BIG difference.  These words are called conjunctions and there are two types:  coordinating and subordinate


First, we will see how coordinating conjunctions work, and learn a great way to remember the most popular coordinating conjunctions. 

These terms sound confusing, and it may seem as though there are a lot of rules.  We will help you make sense of it, so never fear.  Conjunctions are actually not hard at all, but we do have to get used to them.



  1. Print off the word list and the printables.  You will use these sheets for the next few lessons.

  2. Watch the videos on coordinating conjunctions.  They may seem "kiddish" but watch them with your experienced-writer's eyes.  See how they introduce the concept to those just learning.  Can you think of exceptions to the "rules" being presented?

  3. Remember, don't worry if you find these a bit confusing at first.  We will help you.

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