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Paragraphs to Essays

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"Best Is Last" Persuasive Writing

The Goal:

A Best Is Last essay can be used to persuade an audience to agree with something you feel strongly about.  


Your Thesis Statement becomes a Statement of Claim and your reasons include explanations and examples or facts that “prove” it.  


When you are using reasons to support an opinion or claim, it is most effective to use the strategy “Best is Last.”

Why?  Here’s the best reason!  


By starting your reasons with your 2nd strongest reason (the “BETTER” reason), you show the reader you mean business.  


Since the "OK" reason is the least-strong of the three, you put that in the middle so it has the support of the stronger reasons.  


And the last reason, the BEST reason, is saved for the last.  This provides the persuasive punch you need to convince the reader 100%!   It also sets you up to use a powerful transition statement, such as, "...But, perhaps the best reason is..."


1.  Make a copy of the printable document in the upper right corner of the lesson.  Click here to review how to make a copy.


2.  Watch the video below on "Best is Last"


3.  When you are done viewing the video, discuss the printable handout with a parent and your writing coach.

[Permission granted for classroom use, clip from "A Fistful of Dollars."  10/2021]