This page updated:  9/03/2021


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Welcome to Level II: Paragraph Types



Level 2 of the Just-Right Writing series will teach you how to decide what to write, how to write it, and when to know it's good enough to submit to an instructor or parent.   


Writing paragraphs may seem difficult, but when you know the plan, it's easy to brainstorm and organize your thoughts, construct a good rough draft, revise and edit to improve your writing, and submit an assignment you can be proud of!


The paragraph types we will explore are:  summary, reasons & examples, compare & contrastcause & effect, classification, and persuasive.  You will learn what each paragraph type is, how to use the writing process to create a strong paragraph, how to receive constructive feedback, and how to share your writing with others.

The Details: 


You will also learn a plan called the Writing Process, which will not only help you write great paragraphs, but it will help you organize your thoughts for any kind of writing project. 


Actually, the Writing Process is really more of a "thinking process."


For example, the Writing Process will show you how to brainstorm and organize your thoughts using great visuals such as graphic organizers and writing scaffolds.  These take the mystery out of knowing how much you need to write.  In addition, writing scaffolds will help you automatically construct a good rough draft that is easy to revise and edit


Finally, you will learn what makes writing strong by applying six traits that all good writers use, you will learn how to get feedback from your parents and peers, and your instructors.  These folks will help your writing be the best it can be!




We know writing is challenging for you, so rest assured we will walk with you step-by-step.  If you practice the material presented, we feel certain you will see that writing paragraphs is not difficult, and, if you can have a conversation, you CAN write!