This page updated:  08/10/2020

Reviewing the Writing Process


Prewrite:  Your First Brainstorm

The Goal:  You will use information from videos and websites to answer this essential question (EQ):

How will nanotechnology impact me in the future?


1.  Watch the following videos.   See what you can learn about nanotechnology.  

2.  As you explore, ask yourself the EQ above.  There can be many ways to answer this question.   


Use the following websites to pick one area to learn more (i.e. medicine, consumer goods, nanodevices, etc.)

W2SOA schedule icone.png
how do I.png
nanomaterials 1.png
nano supermarket.png
nat geo.png

3.  Create a mind map.  Put the essential question, How will nanotechnology impact me in the future? in the center bubble of your mind map.  

5.  Complete your mind map.  Copy and paste the questions below into each 5W bubble.  Use the websites and videos to answer the 5W's and H.  Write down what you learn in your own words.


Notice each of the 5W has a color.  If color coding the bubbles in your mind map helps you group your ideas together, please use that method.

  • Who is working on nanotechnology?

    • Why is this important?​

  • What is a good example of nanotechnology and what industries is nanotechnology involved with?  

    • Why is this important?​

    • When did nanotechnology begin?

      • Why is this important?​

  • Where, in my daily life, will I run into nanotechnology?

    • Why is this important?​

  • What are good examples for every clarifying question listed above?

Notice how each clarifying question asks a Why within it?  These clarifying questions are very important to answer.    The "whys" you identify will be part of your supporting detail.  Be sure you reflect on each Why and give your opinion.

6.  Finally, add specific examples to your mind map.  You only need two or three for the area of nanotechnology you chose.  You will need enough detail to describe your example clearly.

7.  Submit a shareable link to your mind map below.      Use