This page updated:  1/27/2021



Prewrite:  Organize


The Goal:  


Use your mind map or word cloud/list to complete a writing scaffold.  A writing scaffold helps you develop your idea and organize your writing.  When you have a completed writing scaffold, you will be ready to create a rough draft. 

Do you know what your essential question is?  If not, check out Jenny's letter again!


Use this topic sentence in your writing scaffold: 

For me, the three most important qualities for any teacher to have are ___, ___, and ___. 

Feel free to write your own topic sentence, if you wish.

Your Purpose: 


You will respond to the letter by sharing what you feel are the best qualities of a good teacher.


Your Audience:  


The audience is the letter writer and people like her. 

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1.  Make a copy of the Printable.  It is a blank writing scaffold.

  • Call your copy, "[My Name] writing scaffold for classification paragraph."

2. Use the categories you developed as a way to present your details.  Remember, you will need to define your categories for the reader.

3.  Submit a shareable link or upload your graphic organizer below.