This page updated:  1/29/2021


Organize:  Writing Scaffold 


The Goal:  

Use your Mind Map with categories to complete a writing scaffold.  When you have a completed writing scaffold, you will be ready to create a rough draft in a mini-essay format. 

Do you remember your essential question?  If not, go back and check our Liam's letter.

Do you remember your Purpose?

Do you remember your Audience?

The Mini Essay Format:  

Review what each section of your mini essay requires.  The writing scaffold for this piece will contain these sections.

Listen and Review
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Your Introductory Paragraph:  

Opening hook: Your Choice  Need Help?  Check out these suggestions!


Background information:  BRIEFLY describe Liam's letter.

Create your own thesis statement based on Liam's essential question.

Your Body Paragraphs:

Using three categories you chose, explain and give examples of the qualities you chose.


Try to give more than one example to really "show" the quality in action.

Your Conclusion Paragraph:

You will restate your thesis statement using different words.   


Include a summary:  Choose -  Summarizing key/best points, a Personal Reflection, Prediction, or Call-to-Action   Challenge Liam to reflect on his own qualities, just like you reflected in the essay.

Use a closing hook  similar to your opening hook to bring the writing to a close. 



1.  Find your copy of the printable document from the Intro Lesson.   Copy and paste the blank writing scaffold into a new Google document.  

  • Call your new document, " [My name] writing scaffold for Classification Mini Essay"

2.   Use the blank writing scaffold for your assignment.  

3.  When you complete your writing scaffold, submit a sharable link below.