This page updated:  08/23/2020

Reviewing the Writing Process


The Goal:  


Use your mind map to complete a writing scaffold.  A writing scaffold helps you develop your idea and organize your writing.  When you have a completed writing scaffold, you will be ready to create a rough draft. 

Remember your Essential Question?  

What would be a good rough draft for a topic sentence?  Remember, the topic sentence needs to answer the EQ.


1.  Make a copy of this Google document.    Don't know how to make a copy?  Check out "How do I...?" on the right.

  • Call your copy, " [My name] writing scaffold for nanotechnology"

2.  Watch this how-to video to see how writing scaffolds are used.   Use your copy of the document to follow along.

3Review the instructions on your copy of the document.  You will use the blank writing scaffold on the last page of your document for your assignment. 

4.  When you complete your writing scaffold, submit a sharable link below.  Use  

Prewrite:  Organize With Our First Writing Scaffold

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