This page updated:  8/31/2021

Paragraph Parts

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Paragraph Parts, 2 of 3


The Goal: 

To feel successful writing paragraphs, we need to have a model that sticks in our head.  That way we won't forget how to construct a successful paragraph.


Remember the Lego analogy?   Think of learning about paragraphs as similar to starting with the directions for a Lego kit.  We wouldn't want to start with the Lego brick first, would we?

We need to see what the "directions" say, so we can use these essential "bricks" correctly.  That's where the Hamburger Model of a paragraph comes in.  It serves as the "directions" for writing a great paragraph. 


Once you know what the directions say, you can successfully pick the correct Lego brick for the job.  The same is true for paragraphs and sentences.  Once you know the parts of a paragraph, it becomes easier to move on to sentences, because you can see what parts are needed to construct the proper paragraph part. 


1.  Use the printable documents from the previous page to follow along with the video below.


2.  Watch the video to see how the Hamburger model of a paragraph works. 


2.  Once you are done watching the video, discuss with your parent or writing coach how each part (topic sentences, supporting details, transitionsand conclusion sentences) fit together.