This page updated:  8/31/2021

Paragraph Parts

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Paragraph Parts, 3 of 3


The Goal: 

Knowing how a paragraph is put together is the beginning of understanding how to write great paragraphs.  Each paragraph part has a specific role.  And the pattern doesn't change, even when you write advanced essays.  In fact, there is a Hamburger model for writing essays that we will learn more about in Level 3 of the Just-Right Writing program.


So, the more you practice using the Hamburger model, the better your paragraphs, and ultimately your essays, will be.


1.   Below are the elements that make up the Hamburger model of a paragraph.  Use the printable document from the last two lessons to follow along.


2.  Keep in mind that transitions can happen in the supporting details and the conclusion sentence.  

3.  Discuss comments and questions that come up in the videos with a parent or your writing coach.