This page updated:  09/07/2020

What is the Writing Process?

Paragraph Parts, continued


Now, let's go from reviewing the directions found in the Lego kit to actually following the steps.  Let's see what kind of sentences make up a typical paragraph.

The Goal: 

Knowing how a paragraph is put together is the beginning of understanding how to write great paragraphs.  Each paragraph part - the sentences - has a specific role.  And the pattern doesn't change.  This means, the more you practice paragraph parts - writing the sentences that "fit the part" - the better you will become at constructing paragraphs.


1. Print off the word list and printables for this lesson to help you follow along.


2.  Watch the videos to see how paragraph parts plays a role, and what the actual sentences look like.

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Topic Sentences

Supporting Details

Transition Words

Conclusion Sentences