Paragraph & Sentence Parts

level Ii

This page updated:  07/22/2019

Paragraph Parts


The Goal:   Notice we are not starting our conversation by reviewing sentence parts first.  There's a reason for this.

To feel successful writing paragraphs, we need to start with paragraphs and not sentences.  Remember the Lego analogy?   Imagine this is starting with the directions for the kit and not identifying the Lego brick by itself.


Once you know the elements of the Lego kit, you can successfully pick the correct Lego block for the job.  The same is true for paragraphs and sentences.  Once you know the parts of a paragraph, it makes moving on to sentences easier because you can see what sentence-parts are needed to construct the proper paragraph part. 


1.  Watch the videos below to learn more about how paragraph parts (topic sentences, supporting details, transitionsand conclusion sentences) fit together.  Be ready to answer any questions found in the videos.

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