The Basic/Mini Essay


level IIi

This page updated:  11/28/2019


Paragraph Parts vs. Essay Parts

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To write a successful essay, you need to be clear on the similarities and differences between a topic sentence and a thesis statement, a supporting detail and a body paragraph, and a conclusion/clincher sentence and a conclusion paragraph.   Let's explore that here.

Let's look at topic sentences and thesis statements in action to further understand their similarities and differences.  Here is a link to the document I talk about in the video.  Because it is another student's work, it is not printable.   Parents, contact me if you would like to have a hard copy.

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  1. Using Mrs. G's example, discuss the differences and similarities listed in the next activity.  Complete a Venn Diagram.

  2. Use the videos, past word list, and printables to help you.