This page updated:  10/15/2020

Purpose & Audience

Prewrite:  Identify Your Audience


The Goal:  


You will use the audience analysis questions to identify the audience for your writing.  Your instructor will give you some details - you will complete the rest.   

Remember, your EQ is:

Why is ________ important to know about as a young adult/teenager?


1. Remember, your audience is not just "my teacher" or "my parent".  Your audience is a real group of people.  So, let's be specific about who the audience is by completing an Audience Analysis Inventory.

2.  Make a copy of this document.

3.  Using full sentences and specific detail, complete the questions on the document.  This will be your Audience Analysis Inventory.

4.  Your instructor will look to see if you have a specific audience in mind.  If your audience is too general, they will ask you to go back and improve the inventory.

  • Want to see how to improve your audience analysis inventory?  Watch the video below.

5. Submit a sharable link to your document below.  Use 


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