Purpose & Audience

level IIi

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Prewrite:  Purpose & Audience

When is this assignment due?

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The Goal:  You will identify the purpose and audience for this essential question (EQ):

What skill do you posess that has helped you be successful in life?  Why do you think others your age should consider learning this skill?  What benefit will it bring to them?


  1. Let's identify the audience first.  Remember, it's not just "my teacher" or "my parent".  Your audience is a real group of people YOU identify.  So let's be specific about who they are by doing an Audience Analysis Inventory.

  2. Go to the Audience Analysis Inventory tool you were introduced to in the last lesson.  This is now a NEW part of your Prewriting Stage of the Writing Process.

  3. Listen to the video as you work in the AAI.  Mrs. G will take you step by step.

  4. Generate your audience analysis.  Save it as a PDF. 

  5. See the How Do I... collection to learn how to create a PDF. 

  6. Upload your file below.

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