Purpose & Audience

level IIi

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Prewrite:  Brainstorm

When is this assignment due?

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The Goal:  You will use information from a subject you are studying to answer this essential question (EQ):

What skill do you possess that has helped you be successful in life?  Why do you think others your age should consider learning this skill?  What benefit will it bring to them?


1.  Get feedback from parents and friends about a skill you have that has given you success in life in some way.

2.  As you get feedback, ask yourself the questions above.  There can be many ways to answer this question.   Pick one skill - it can be an obvious one or one that is "hidden." (i.e. school subject, faith/belief topic, like-skill, trade skill, sports skill, relationship skill, etc.)

3.  Use the advanced 5W's & H method to complete a mind map.  


4.  Once you have the 5W's & H, identify 2-3 reasons that support the answer to the EQ.  These will become the reasons in your writing.

5.  Submit a sharable link to your mind map below.  Use  "text reply." 


  • Xmind users:  feel free to upload your mind map.

6.  In the next activity, you will identify a purpose and audience for this writing.

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