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The Goal:  You will use information from an experience you had to answer this essential question: (pick one)

What is the most amazing...

thing you've ever done?

thing you've ever seen?

experience you've ever had?

person you've ever met?


1.  Get feedback from parents and friends about an experience you had that was unlike anything else you've ever done/seen.   

Clarifying Question:  What was it that caught and held your attention? 

Clarifying Question:  How did the experience change you?

Clarifying Question:  What keeps it fresh in your mind?

2.  As you get feedback, ask yourself the clarifying questions above.  There can be many ways to answer the essential question.   

3.  Create a mind map.  Put the essential question in the center bubble of your mind map. 

4.  Use the 5W's & H method to complete your mind map.   Use your own words.  Create at least 3 detail-bubbles for each 5W & H; add more if you can!

  • Who was involved?

  • What was involved?

  • When did this occur? 

  • Where did this occur? 

  • Why did it occur? 

  • How did it occur? 

5.  Submit a shareable link to your mind map below.  Use the "text reply" icon.   XMind users, feel free to upload your mind map.

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