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Purpose & Audience

This page updated:  08/21/2019

Prewrite:  Brainstorm


The Goal:  You will use information from your own experience to answer this essential question

What are three reasons homeschooling is a good educational choice for you?

Suggested Topic Sentence:  "My family and I choose to homeschool because ___, ___ and ___."


1.  Get feedback from parents on why they chose homeschooling as an option for you.  Discuss the role you played in making that decision.

Clarifying Question:  What, if any are learning obstacles for you?

Clarifying Question:  How has homeschooling helped you with those obstacles?

Clarifying Question:  Are there any unique benefits for you being a homeschooler?

2.  As you get feedback, ask yourself the clarifying questions above.  There can be many ways to answer the essential question.   

3.  Create a mind map.  Put the essential question in the center bubble of your mind map. 

4.  Use the 5W's & H method to complete your mind map.   Use your own words.  Create at least 3 detail-bubbles for each 5W & H; add more if you can!

  • Who was involved in making the decision?

  • What was involved in making the decision?

  • What benefits do you have being a homeschooler?

  • When did this decision occur?

  • When, during a day, do you homeschool? 

  • Where do you homeschool? 

  • Why has it helped you in past? 

  • How does it help now? 

5.  Submit a shareable link to your mind map below.  Use the "text reply" icon.   XMind users, feel free to upload your mind map.

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