The Writing Process

level Ii

This page updated:  06/25/2019

Prewrite:  Brainstorm


The Goal:  You will use information from a website to answer this essential question:

What makes an amusement park roller coaster such a big attraction?


1.  Explore this site.  See what you can learn about roller coasters.  Be sure to try building a roller coaster!

2.  As you explore, ask yourself the question above.  There can be many ways to answer this question.

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3.  Be sure to look at the bottom of the site for other essential questions that will help you answer the one above.

4.  Create a mind map.  Put the essential question, What makes an amusement park roller coaster such a big attraction? in the center bubble of your mind map.  


5.  Use the 5W's & H method to complete your mind map.  Copy and paste the questions below into each 5W bubble.  Use the website to answer the 5W's and H.  Use your own words.  Create at least 3 detail-bubbles for each 5W & H question below; add more if you can!

  • Who is in charge of creating new roller coasters?

  • What happens when a roller coaster is created?  built?  inspected?

  • When did the first roller coasters come to be?

  • Where does physics play a role in designing roller coasters?

  • Why don't amusement parks come up with new roller coasters every year?

  • How does a roller coaster get designed?  built?

6.  Submit a shareable link to your mind map below.            Use the "type text" icon.  


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