The Writing Process

level Ii

This page updated:  06/25/2019

Prewrite:  Organize


The Goal:  You will use your mind map about roller coasters to complete a writing scaffold.  This will help you developing your idea and organize your writing. 

Essential Question:  What makes an amusement park roller coaster such a big attraction?

Use this topic sentence in your writing scaffold:  There are many things that make amusement park roller coasters a big attraction to park guests.

Need to visit the Roller Coaster site?


1.  Make a copy of this Google document.    Don't know how to make a copy?  Check out "How do I...? on the right.

  • Call your copy, " [My name] writing scaffold for roller coasters"

2.  READ the instructions on the new document you just made.  You will use the blank writing scaffold in the document for your assignment.

3.  When you complete your writing scaffold, submit a sharable link below.  Use "type text" icon.

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