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This page updated:  07/31/2019

Age of Empire

Essential Question:  How were the beliefs, goals, and achievements of the Progressives alike and different? 

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The Goal:

In this lesson you will learn about various groups who made important changes during the Progressive Era, and how they were alike and different.


  1. Prepare to create summary notes for the video below.  You will be creating a 4-Circle Venn Diagram. 

  2. READ/LISTEN to the article.  Be ready to re-read as needed.

  3. Make a copy of a "starter" Venn diagram for this lesson to help you take notes.

  4. Use the video, the word list and the printables to create a study notes Venn diagram.

  5. Submit a shareable link to your summary notes.   Use the "text reply" icon in the next assignment called Submit Progressive Era Study Notes.

transcript (Google Doc)

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