Purpose & Audience

level IIi

This page updated:  08/21/2019


What is your purpose?  Who are you writing for?

When is this assignment due?

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The Goal:

In this lesson you will learn about a writer's purpose and audience.  The purpose and audience of writing gives the author a clear direction for what to write about.  You will review each term and the step-by-step tasks that happen when you are identifying purpose and audience.  Be sure to watch, read, and play any games to help you remember the information.


  1. Watch the video on the basics of purpose and audience.  There are questions in the video to help you remember.  We will learn more advanced methods (such as depth of knowledge and audience needs) later in this course.

  2. Use the video and the image to help you answer the questions in the assignment.

P I E - author's purpose

Know Your Audience