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Welcome to Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse


In this course we will use the story Black Beauty to learn more about reading strategies and how to use them to improve your writing.   Lessons are broken in to chapter sections, and each chapter section will have

  • a new reading strategy,

  • activities to use the strategy in remembering what you read, and

  • a writing assignment that will extend the strategy


Since you've taken a writing course with WTSOA before, you will recognize the use of the Writing Process stages:  Prewriting (graphic organizers and writing scaffolds), Drafting (using MI Write), and Polishing/Publishing


You will also recognize writing formats such as the

Be sure to use the Word List (Infercabulary) and Printables link to help you learn more.

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Introduction to the classic novel - By Leslie Rickman

Point of View:  First Person - Snap Language

Our Author

"Anna Sewell" Author Biography. Accessed 7/3/2019

First Edition of Anna Sewell's Black Beauty - Peter Harrington Rare Books