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Welcome to JRW: Read to Write!

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Welcome to Just-Write Writing: Read to Write series.  This course will extend your knowledge of the Writing Process by introducing reading strategies that can help you write about what you read.  

A quick tour of this page will show you where to find helpful links.  

  • The Listen button above will narrate the text on a lesson page.

  • The My Course Calendar link takes you to a personal calendar where you can put due dates.  ​

  • Words highlighted in red are important to know. These words will be in the word list.

  • Word lists, "How do I...?" topics, Lesson Printables, and Parent Resources are in the light blue box to the right.  I encourage you to make a copy of any of the Google docs in these links.

  • Links to complete a lesson, submit questions, or assignments will appear at the bottom.

This course will use the University of South Florida's website to present of our featured book.  They have graciously given us permission to include their text and narration of this story in our course.

To help you remember the story and to practice learning about reading strategies, you will have activities, games, and assignments to complete.  The material in this course is sequenced to be completed in 12 weeks.  Because this is a self-paced course, you can complete lessons at a pace that fits your schedule.

An instructor will give you feedback on some of your assignments, so watch for comments once you turn something in.  Parents, there will be rubrics and checklists to help you assess your student's work as well.  This information will be linked in Parent Resources.

If you have any questions as you complete this course, please contact Mrs. Greaves either by Google chat or by email at


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