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This page updated:  08/04/2019

Age of Empire

PEG Writing:   Reflecting on the Progressive Era and Age of Empire

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The Goal:

Choose a specific topic to write about that you feel summarizes what the Progressive Era and Age of Empire (1890's - 1910's) was all about. 



1.  Make a copy of this file

2.  Pull together your notes, word list, and printables to help you find a topic to write about.  The timeline and Wikipedia article (below) will help you narrow your focus.  You can choose to learn more about an event or a person.

3.  Choose one of the questions in the file to be your EQ/Prompt.  You will find the prompts in PEG Writing.

4.  Use the basic essay scaffold found in the file to help you craft your writing.

  • Use the EQs in the file as the basis for your thesis statement​

  • Choose your favorite graphic organizer to brainstorm

  • Present a minimum of 2 reasons why you believe the way you do

  • Your final essay should be 4-5 paragraphs long.


  • SUBMIT your writing scaffold by uploading the file below.


5.  Use the writing scaffold to craft a strong essay (4-5 paragraphs).  You will submit this for a grade.


6.  Finally, post a copy of your final draft in our class discussion group.

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