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This page updated:  09/26/2019

The Great Depression

Read/Listen & Record/Write:  What if you had lived in the Dust Bowl?

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The Goal:

YOU WILL HAVE 7 DAYS to complete the videos AND PEG Writing.

Listen to Children of the Dust Bowl:  The Story of Weedpatch School.   What it must have been like to live during this time?  Use your reflections to create a short story (or journal entries, or a series of personal letters).     The book The Grapes of Wrath is referenced in the narration.  If you'd like to read this classic story for EXTRA CREDIT, let me know.

Your Prompt:

Describe what your life would have been like if you had lived in the US Dust Bowl regions or if you had attended Weedpatch School.   Put yourself right in the middle of Weedpatch camp - include your family if you wish.   Be descriptive!  Base your writing around a small event...maybe even an unimportant event.  But show us how conditions and circumstances like those the migrants experienced shaped the event.



1.  I've put this assignment first so you can have more time to complete it.    It does not require any prior knowledge about the Great Depression, so please start it right away.  YOU WILL HAVE 7 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS.


2.  Make a copy of this file.   Read carefully.  

3.  Listen to the story.  It will take you about 1.5 to 2 hours to listen to the entire thing.  Break it apart over the course of the week.  In fact, make it bedtime "reading!"  In your mind's eye, imagine yourself in the story.  The narration is broken into chapters.  They are posted below.

4. Then, in PEG Writing, generate your story.  Feel free to use the Prewriting Graphic Organizers in PEG Writing to gather your thoughts.  Or, create a mind map or use another graphic organizer to get you going.  You story does not have to be long, but it DOES have to be descriptive.  Use this VIDEO to help you remember how to write descriptively.

5.  This assignment is worth 40 points.

6. Submit your PREWRITING documents (outlines, scaffolds, etc) in THIS assignment.

7.  Use PEG Writing to refine your writing.  Submit your FINAL PRODUCT in in our class discussion group.

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