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This page updated:  02/01/2020

Prewrite:  Generate CQs for Brainstorming

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The Goal


As we did in the last writing, I want you to identify CQs that will help you communicate to your audience.  These CQs will also help you complete your graphic organizer in a way that makes you sound like the expert you are!


Clarifying Questions: 

Consider yourself a "detective" when asking clarifying questions (CQs).  You (the author) are trying to clarify something for the audience.  You are trying to create a clear, informative answer to help the audience learn something new.

Clarifying questions guide the writer/audience, so there are ways to phrase a CQ that helps.  Review the video below.

















(2/6 - video removed; not working - sg)


1. Create a copy of this document.  Use the doc to create a list of CQs that you know your audience will "need to know" about your topic.  I have given you some starter CQs to help you focus.

2.  Come up with at least 7-10 CQs that will help you solidify your thoughts.  

3.  Use the "pre-" prewriting grid to help you get into the flow!

4.  Below, submit a shareable link to the "pre-"prewriting grid so Mrs. G can see your work.

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