This page updated:  8/31/2021

Paragraphs to Essays

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Review - Opening & Closing Hooks


The Goal:

In this lesson you will review the most common types of opening and closing hooks.  An opening hook grabs the reader's attention with something interesting or captivating.  A closing hook uses the same technique to make the writing memorable to the reader.

Is This New To You?

If opening and closing hooks are new to you, or you need a review, please watch the video below to learn more.

Source:  "Worldwide Speak" You Tube channel.  Accessed 9/22/2021


1.  Before you move on to your assignment, be sure you have a good understanding of what hooks are and the type of hooks that are typically used.  

2.  If you need other examples, please check out this additional resource.

3.  Be sure to print out any handouts.