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Paragraphs to Essays

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Please make a copy of this printable.

Review - Purpose & Audience Basics


The Goal:

In this lesson you will review the basics of a writer's purpose and a writer's audience.  The purpose and audience of writing gives the author a clear direction for what to write about.  

Is This New To You?

If the basics of a writer's purpose and audience is new to you, or you need a review, please watch the videos below to learn more.


1.  Before you move on to your assignment, be sure you can correctly name the basic purposes for writing, and the key features of a writer's audience. 


2.  We will learn more advanced methods (such as depth of knowledge and audience needs) later in this course.

3.  Be sure to print out the handouts in the link at the top of this page.

P I E - author's purpose

Know Your Audience