Review: Sentence & Paragraph Parts

This page updated:  1/22/2021

Review:  Sentence & Paragraph Parts




By this point, you've practiced creating great sentences and paragraphs as you've completed your last few writing assignments.  Even though there is always room for improvement, you have shown that you understand

Six Traits of Writing:

The Six Traits of Writing are what we use to show your writing progress over time.  MI Write uses these traits to show you what you are doing well, and what needs revision or improvement. 


Can you list the six traits without looking? 






Sentence Variety and Developing Ideas

Improving sentence and paragraph parts fall under the traits of Sentence Variety and Developing Ideas. in the Six Traits. 





1.  Watch the videos. 


2.  Once you've watched them, see what you remember by taking a quiz.

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Development of Ideas



Word Choice

Sentence Variety


Can you list the traits without looking?

Try to list them.  Then hover over this box to see the answer

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