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DOK & Compare/Contrast

This page updated: 1/26/2019

Revise & Edit

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The Goal:  


You will use MI Write/PEG Writing to complete the revise & edit stages of the writing process.

Now that you have your brainstorming done, your CQs identified, your categories identified, it's time to create your EQ and complete your writing scaffold.

Use the identified audience, the purpose, and topic sentence example from the last lessons.


1.  Log into MI Write

  • Your user name will be your WTS login (firstnamelastinitialwts)

  • Your password will be your last name (lastname)

    • if your last name is less than 5 letters long, add "wts" to the end of it​

Example:  Sally Smartpants

Username:  sallyswts

Password:  smartpants

2.  Choose your class.

3.  Find the writing sample you wish to work on in the list.

4.  Click on the link (the date is the link to the writing sample)  

5. Read through your work.

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Revising & Editing

1.  As you go in to do your revisions, it might help to separate sentences apart with a double-space so its easy to find the text line that needs correction.  This step is optional.

2.  READ EACH comment carefully.  "S" comments are spelling suggestions.  "G" comments are grammar comments.  Gray highlights are sentences that have grammar and sentence structure issues.

3.  What to do first? 

4.  If you haven't done this already, make a copy of the following check list to use as you go through your work.  Fix sentence parts and create a variety of sentence types in the scaffold.  The more effort you put into this step, the easier (and faster) your rough draft will come together.  Check off items as you go along.  

5.  Continue revising and editing until there are no errors identified by MI Write. You will hit "submit" to see updated revisions in PEG Writing.   

6. It is at this point you will gain further development of ideas, organization and style feedback from your instructor, so be ready to share.