This page updated:  10/22/2020

Revise & Edit in MI Write


Revise & Edit in MI Write

The Goal:  


You will use MI Write to complete the revise & edit stages of the writing process.

Remember our Essential Question?  Can you say it out loud?

What topic and conclusion sentences did you use?  Or, what thesis statement or restatement did you use?


1.  Print the document found in the Printables icon.  This sheet will help you remember what the revising and editing symbols mean in MI Write.


2.  Then, log into MI Write​.

3.  Choose your class.

4.  Find the writing sample you wish to work on in the list.

5.  Click on the link (the date is the link to the writing sample)  

6. Read through your work.

7.  Then, begin revising and editing.  Before you begin, however, please read the rest of the instructions in this lesson.  Then, to begin revising, click on the Revise button to the right of the MI Write screen.

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Revising & Editing

1.  As you do your revisions, it might help to separate sentences apart with a double-space so it's easy to find the text line that needs correction.  This step is optional.

2.  READ EACH comment carefully.  "S" comments are spelling suggestions.  "G" comments are grammar comments.  Gray highlights are sentences that have grammar and sentence structure issues.  If you click on the letter, a comment box will pop up.  Read these carefully.

3.  What to do first? 

4.  Continue revising and editing until there are no errors identified by MI Write. You will hit "submit" to see updated revisions.  ​Remember, use SUBMIT rather than SAVE AND QUIT so your instructor can see your progress.  Each time you hit SUBMIT, you will have completed another revision. 

5. When you think you have your draft as good as you can get it, be ready to share it with your instructor.  They will help you improve your writing even more!