The Writing Process

level i

level I

This page updated: 2/28/2020

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Listen to the entire lesson before starting work

Revising & Editing in MI Write

The Goal:  


You will use MI Write to complete the revise & edit stages of the writing process.   Be

sure to listen/read this entire lesson before you begin revising and editing.


Review the MI Write video from the last lesson if you need to.

Revision = Improving

Editing = Correcting

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1.  Log into MI Write

2.  Choose your class (Level I)

3.  Find the writing sample you wish to work on in the list.

4.  Click on the link (the date is the link to the writing sample)  

​5.  If you haven't already, erase the scaffold framework so you have only your words in paragraph form.


6.  Revise your work by doing the following.   We will talk about sentence variety in upcoming lessons.  

7.  When you feel your idea is completely developed, begin editing:


8.  READ EACH comment carefully.  


"S" comments are spelling suggestions.


"G" comments are grammar comments.  


Gray highlights are sentences that have grammar and sentence structure issues.


9.  Here are some tips and tricks to help: 

There may be a lot of spelling issues, so feel free to do those first.  That will make the overall draft less distracting.


Then, check your paragraph parts


Then start in on conventionsgrammar and sentence-parts issues.   


Next, improve your word choice.  Replace overused words to the best word choice.  Use the thesaurus.


Now improve your sentence variety.


Next, check your development of ideas and organization.


Make sure you are "showing, not telling" and you have strong supporting details


10.  Frequently "submit" your writing so you can see MI Write remove suggestions.  This will show you what you have left to do.

11.  Continue revising and editing until there are no errors identified by PEG Writing. You will hit "submit" to see updated revisions in PEG Writing.

12.  It is at this point you will gain further development of ideas, organization and style feedback from your parent or instructor, so be ready to share.