This page updated:  1/31/2021


Sentence Mistakes

Sentence Mistakes: Run-Ons, Fragments, & Comma Splices



Each time you write something new, you are practicing sentence variety.  So, let's look at a couple of mistakes that can cause problems for your ever-growing abilities.  

The Goal:

In this lesson, you will learn two types of common mistakes writers make when constructing sentences:  the run-on sentence and the sentence fragment.  Knowing these mistakes and how to fix them is essential for completing your writing scaffold.


1.   Be sure to spend time reviewing the narrator's comments.  There are screenshots of the videos in the printables. 

2.   Watch the first video on run-on sentences.

3.   Watch the second video on sentence fragments.  

​4.   The third video talks about a third type of sentence mistake: comma splices.  Remember those?

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