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Sentence Parts:  Clauses

When is this assignment due?

The Goal:  


In this lesson, you will review three different types of sentences.  It's amazing how much sentence variety we can get from three types.  The sentence types are simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences.


To make sentences interesting, we use transition words, and special sentence parts called independent and dependent clauses.  Other types of sentence parts we use are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and others.  These are called "parts of speech" and you will learn more about them in the online apps found in your WTSOA Work Plan.

You will practice identifying and applying sentence parts and types to create interesting sentences.  Be sure to watch, read, and play any games to help you remember the information.



  1. Watch the videos.  Be sure to spend time reviewing the narrator's comments and my questions.  Sentence parts are not hard, but they do have a few rules.

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2.  Understanding these sentence parts and types might seem hard right now.  Don't worry! It will take time, but you will get it.  We will be using to practice sentence parts and types throughout the year.  

3.  Use the videos, images, printables, and word list to help you complete the assignment on the next page.  Remember, we will work on these sentence parts throught the entire year, so don't worry if you don't get it at first.

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