Paragraph & Sentence Parts


level IIi

This page updated:  08/19/2019


Sentence Parts:  Mistakes

When is this assignment due?

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The Goal:  

In this lesson, you will learn three types of common mistakes writers make when constructing sentences:  the sentence fragment, the run-on sentence, and the comma splice.  Knowing these mistakes and how to fix them is essential for completing your writing scaffold.


You will practice identifying sentence mistakes.  Be sure to watch, read, and play any games to help you remember the information.


  1. Watch the videos.  Be sure to spend time reviewing the narrator's comments and my questions.  Sentence parts are not hard, but they do have a few rules.

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2.  Understanding these sentence parts and types might seem hard right now.  Don't worry! It will take time, but you will get it.  We will be using to practice sentence parts and types throughout the year.  

3.  Use the videos, images, printables, and word list to help you complete the assignment below.  Remember, we will work on these sentence parts throught the entire year, so don't worry if you don't get it at first.