The Writing Process

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level I

This page updated: 11/21/2019

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Setting Up a Mind Map App

The Goal:

This lesson asks you to use the "How do I...?" link above to install a free online app.  This app that will help you create mind maps for the prewriting stage of the writing process. 


  1. There are the print directions for setting up a free mind map in the How Do I...? Collection.  

  2. Complete the set up of your mind map app.

  3. Send Mrs. G a message telling her how the set up went.  Use "Text Reply" below.

  4. If you have questions or need help, please contact Mrs. G.

Updated video below: (9/18/20)  There were some glitches with Mind Mup, which made the directions in the first video not work.  So, please see the bottom video for another (faster) way to load Mind Mup extension for Chrome.  The print directions have been updated with this video as well.