Prewrite: Our "First-look" at Fixing Sentences (A Checklist)


The Goal: 


Now that our graphic organizer and writing scaffold are complete, let's take a first-look at the sentences you've written before we create a rough draft.

Remember our Essential Question?  


Remember your your topic sentence?

If you are not quite sure about yourconclusion sentence, don't worry, your instructor will help you.


1.  Go to your Google Drive.


2.  Open up your writing scaffold file.

3.  At this point, your writing scaffold should be complete.

4.  Save a copy of this checklist to use as you go through your scaffold. 


5.  This is our "first-look" at your writing.  During the Revise & Edit stages, we will once again go over your sentences and improve your writing.  

6.  Check off items as you go along; ask a parent to help you.  

7.  When you have completed the checklist, let your instructor know by posting a comment.    Use

This page updated:  08/21/2020


What is the Writing Process?

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