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This page updated:  07/28/2019

Age of Empire

Essential Question:  Why did the US enter the Spanish-American War?

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The Goal:

In this lesson you will learn how and why the US entered the Spanish-American War, the outcome of the war, and what territories the US annexed.


  1. Prepare to create Study Notes for the article below.

  2. READ/LISTEN to the article.  Be ready to re-read as needed.

  3. Make a copy of a "starter" mind map or bulleted outline for this lesson to help you take notes.

  4. Use the article, the word list and the printables to create a study notes mind map or bulleted outline.

  5. Submit a shareable link to your study notes mind map/bulleted outline.   Use the "text reply" icon in the next assignment called Submit Spanish-American War Study Notes.

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