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This page updated:  08/08/2019

World War I:  The Great War

Essential Question:  Why was this considered a "world" war?

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The Goal: 


To understand the role the US played in WW I, we need to review the situation in Europe at the turn of the 20th Century.  This will help us understand attitudes and events during this time.


  1.  Make a copy of these printable maps.  As Sal Khan talks about various parts of Europe, use the printable maps to follow along.

  2. Watch BOTH videos.

  3. Then, complete the study-notes fill-in map.  This will be your study notes for this lesson.  

  4. Take a photo, scan, or send a screenshot of your completed map below.  Use "text reply" to send your link or "upload a file" to upload an image. 

transcript (Google Doc)

transcript (Google Doc)

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