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This page updated: 4/24/2020

Cause & Effect (Essay #1)


Prewrite:  The Thesis Statement

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The Goal:  As you begin working on your introduction paragraph, craft a strong thesis statement, which is the "topic sentence" of your entire essay.


1. Review the goal of your cause/effect essay by watching the first video.  There is a printable to go with this video, so be sure to make a copy for yourself.














2. Next, watch the videos on thesis statements.   

Remember, a thesis statement 

needs to state a focused opinion that answers a question

needs to introduce reasons (or points)

needs to be supported by evidence and examples

3.  In the printable, there are additional tips to help you construct your cause/effect thesis.  Be sure to read them after you watch the videos.


4.  Remember the order of how we construct an essay?  

BODY first,  then, INTRODUCTION, and finally CONCLUSION


Even though the thesis is in the INTRO, it is most effective to think about it as you begin your BODY section.  Here's why...



As it says in your printable, the thesis and points are the compass for the body section.  They give your writing direction.  You want to have a working thesis/points so you can keep your writing focused on the purpose of the essay. 

6.  Submit your working thesis and points below so Mrs. G can review it.  Use the text reply.  Keep in mind you may revise and edit this statement to make it sound better, but the main idea of the thesis itself should not change.

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