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This page updated:  1/07/2020

Basic/Mini Essay - Compare & Contrast


Prewrite:  The Thesis Statement

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The Goal:  As you begin working on your introduction paragraph, craft a strong thesis statement, which is the "topic sentence" of your entire essay.


1.  Watch this introductory video on thesis statements.   

2.  We are going to start crafting very basic thesis statements, so don't worry if your statement seems closer to a topic sentence than you'd like.  Be sure to have these key elements to your statement:

  • It needs to state a focused opinion that answers a question

  • It needs to introduce reasons (or points) that support the answer to the question


3.  WORK ON YOUR INTRO PARAGRAPH in the essay scaffold.  ​Put your background info in first, then craft your thesis statement.  Finally, add your opening hook.

4.  Use your newly crafted thesis statement to construct your conclusion paragraph.  Write your restatement of the thesis, then your summary of best (or all) points, call to action, or connecting statement to a larger idea.  Finally, add your closing hook. 

5.  In the "text reply" below, copy and paste your thesis so Mrs. G can see it. 

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