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This page updated:  08/13/2019

The US Before World War I

Essential Question:  What were the attitudes/actions of the US just before the War?

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The Goal: 


From our last lesson, we can see the many reasons why Europe was headed toward war.  But what was going on in the US just before WWI?    


  1. Plan to complete this lesson over two days.

  2. Make a copy of a "starter" mind map or bulleted outline for this lesson to help you take notes.

  3. Use the videos to create a study notes mind map or bulleted outline.

  4. Be SURE to review the word list and the printables.  

  5. Submit a shareable link to your study notes mind map/bulleted outline.   Use the "text reply" icon in the next assignment called Submit US Before WWI Study Notes.

Part I - Video

Part II - Video

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