This page updated:  8/31/2021

Paragraph Parts

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To create great paragraphs, you need to know how they are made up.  In this unit, we will learn how to do this.

We will explore more about:  Topic sentences, supporting details, transitions, conclusion sentences, and the hamburger paragraph. 

The Details:


Nearly everyone has played with Legos.  Using a simple 2 x 4 interlocking brick, you can create any structure you want.  Well, choosing interesting topics, creating main ideas, writing great sentences, paragraphs, and eventually essays, build on the same idea.  There are interlocking parts that, when put together, will help you create great writing.

What is amazing is the parts for ALL writing types are similar in what they do. 


For example,


a main idea,  

a complete thought,

a topic sentence

thesis statement

and an intro paragraph all do similar things:  they introduce to the reader an idea that will be discussed in the writing.    Can you see how the parts "grow up?"  

This same idea works for supporting details. 


Discuss with a parent or writing coach.  Can you explain how to go from a simple topic to an introduction paragraph of an essay?  A simple supporting idea to evidence?  A simple conclusion idea to a conclusion paragraph in an essay?



Whether you are constructing a sentence, paragraph, or entire essay, there are parts that play special roles in the construction. As we begin our next writing, we will uncover how paragraph parts work together to make your writing even better.