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Purpose & Audience

Welcome!   Purpose & Audience



Have you ever read something that seemed to talk directly to you?  Writers who know why they are writing and for whom they are writing have a way of magically putting themselves "in the room" with us.  They know just what we would ask.  They speak to us as if they know us, and it captures our attention.

The Goal:

In this lesson you will begin learning about a writer's purpose and audience.  The purpose and audience of writing gives the author a clear direction for writing.  You will review each term, how to choose a purpose, and identify an audience.  We will break down these tasks, and practice them many times, so you too, can speak to your audience as if they are real to you.


1.  Watch the videos on the basics of purpose and audience.  There are questions in the video to help you remember.  We will learn more advanced methods (such as depth of knowledge and audience needs) later in this course, which will also help you pinpoint your purpose and audience.

2.  Use the videos and the images in the printables to help you answer the questions discussed in class. There is a word list and printables for you to print out.  Please do so before you watch the videos. 

3.  As you follow along with the videos, refer to your word list and printables to make sure you understand the concepts.

4.  Pause the videos and discuss what you have learned with a parent.

5.  Your instructor will look for you to take part in class discussion, so please be ready

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P I E - author's purpose

Know Your Audience