The Writing Process

level Ii

This page updated:  06/25/2019

Use a Mind Map


The Goal:  You will practice creating a mind map using your newly installed mind map online app.  Please see the previous lesson if you have not installed this app.


1.  Pick a favorite story.  It can be a picture book or a chapter book.  We will use the story to practice creating mind maps in your new online app.

2.  Re-read your story, or if a chapter book, pick a favorite chapter.   If you want to try creating an EASY mind map, choose a book from a younger age group.  If you want to challenge yourself, choose a chapter book.

3.  After you finish reading the book of your choice (or just the first chapter from the book, if it's longer), use the title of the chapter as the main idea (this is the center bubble!)

4. Call your new mind map "Brainstorming Practice - Writing Process Apply 2"

  • Write the main idea in your mind map.   Hint:  What is the title?

  • Then create 5 smaller bubbles ("child nodes") that say:  WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY

W2SOA schedule icone.png
word list.png
how do I.png

5.  Add at least 3 bubbles to each of the 5W's.  Copy and paste the questions below into each 5W bubble.  Write your information in words and phrases.  Use your own words.

  • "Who are the main characters?"

  • "What is happening?"

  • "When did this story take place?"  If you don't find an answer to this question, predict it.

  • "Where is this story taking place?" If you don't find an answer to this question, predict it.

  •  "Why are the characters (and what is happening) important?"

Note:  Don't worry if you have less than the sample mind map to the left.  Just try to get as much detail as you can.  

6.  Submit your mind map below.

how do I.png