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World War I - Simulation

Events of 1915

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Events of 1915:

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Simulation link (for Mrs. G.)


Intelligence Data

Intelligence Documents

Everyone needs to help decide where troops will go.

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Reconnaissance maps.  

Use your map to tell Mrs. G. where to place your troops for each year of the simulation.

The EQ for 1915:   "How will you keep the Central Powers contained with new fronts opening up?"

The Mission:  Control the fighting at the fronts.   Win battles.  Gain territory.

Your Tasks: 

  1. Check any new top secret intelligence reports. 

  2. Read the world headlines and popular cultural trends. (Break this up among allies)

  3. Connect with your allies and share intelligence.  

  4. WORK WITH your allies.  Some nations can contribute more than others. 

  5. Double-check the headlines from the year to see who is having domestic issues that might affect their participation in the war. 

  6. Know where the key countries are in Europe by completing this map.

  7. Make a troop plan based on your reconnaissance maps.

  8. Send your plan to Mrs. G.  She will play the scenario and send you back a video of the event.


Alliances and Countries in 1915:

Central Powers:  Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), Bulgaria, Romania (Mrs. G)


Allied Powers:  Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece

   - Logan, Delaney


Allied Powers:  France, Belguim, Luxembourg, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy
   - Luke, Elie, Selena


Allied Powers:  Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan
   - Annaleigh, Naomi

Countries leaning toward Allied Powers but not yet in the War:  Portugal


Countries still neutral in 1915: 









Top Secret Reports in 1915:  Allied Powers

1915 News Headlines

from around the world

1915 News Headlines

from around the world

1915 Popular

Culture & Trends

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