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This page updated:  08/10/2019

World War I - Simulation

Essential Question:  What is it like to fight a world war?

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Fate rarely calls upon us at a time of our choosing - Optimus Prime

The year is 1914, and you have been thrust onto the world stage as the leader of a major country on the side of the Allied Powers.  Once you have read and understood the EQ and your mission, your job is to lead your country through the very difficult times ahead.  How you accomplish those objectives is up to you- but do not go against your mission. 

Each country has a history and a culture that will tell you almost everything you need to know about them.  Only the best-organized, best researched and most efficient countries will stand at the end.

1914 Allied Powers:  Britain, France, Russia

1914 Central Powers:  Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire


There are many ways to plan effective strategies: making deals and negotiating, deception, threats, a show of force and of course declaring war itself.  Everything is not always as it appears.


Making alliances can strengthen your position, but it can also entangle you and back you into a corner leaving you with few or no choices.  


The Central Powers leaders (Mrs. Greaves)  will move quickly to make alliances and meet secretly to work out deals and make preparations.  The Central Powers will make the first move.


You must maintain lines of communication with your Allied Powers partners in order to obtain the latest intelligence, or what people may be up to.  


  1. Watch this introduction to the simulation​

  2. Then, watch the student orientation video.  Keep in mind the following: 

  • You will all be on the Allied Powers side​

  • Mrs. G will play the role of the Central Powers

  • We will discuss details in class, so be sure you have completed this lesson.

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